Eastern Sierra: Pt 6

Before I get started with Day 6, I’d like to thank everyone that has been following this story and checking out my other posts. I’m new to the blog world and was really surprised that so many people found my blog so quickly. Thanks again for stopping by and I hope to keep putting out stories and pictures you enjoy!

Eastern Sierra: Day 6 – Humphreys Basin

My original plan for day 6 was to hike to Desolation Lake and camp there. It wasn’t a very long way from where I was, so I was looking forward to an easy day.

When I woke up, there was a bit of a breeze blowing and by the time I was ready to go, it was strong enough to blow over my loaded pack.

I left camp at the base of Humphreys and headed off toward Desolation Lake. I repeated the same process as yesterday; up and down, over and over.

I only had to clear about three sets of hills before I came to the cut that would lead me down into Humphreys Basin and on to Forsaken and Desolation lakes.

The way I had chosen had left me a pretty steep entry down into the basin, but it was manageable and kind of fun. There was dirt and grass and the last obstacle was the boulder hop.

It took a little while to get down, but the rest of the day would be spent on a little more level ground.

I arrived at Desolation Lake a short time later and the wind was howling and it was cold.

I looked for a suitable place to set up camp, but there just wasn’t anything that really blocked the wind. I decided that I would hike farther into the basin and see what I could find. This kind of changed my plans a little. From the lake, I had planned to go over a pass on the NE side the next day, and then down towards L Lake to camp for the night. I studied the map and decided to head south and then west after I cleared the lake.

I filled up my water and ate lunch, and then continued past Desolation Lake and turned west to see what I could find.

The area past Desolation Lake was huge! It was mostly barren and filled with boulders, but there were a few patches of color.

I found a place in a boulder field to set up the tent. The wind wasn’t so bad here and I still had a great view of Mt Humphreys.

I snapped some more pictures of Humphreys in the sunset and then went into the tent to sit to get out of the wind.

From the open tent door, I had a great view of the mountain in the sunset, framed by the tent, with the tripod and some boulders in the foreground.

This one turned out to be one of my favorite shots of this trip.

My camera battery level was down to two bars. I had been conserving as much as I could and really wanted to get some shots of Upper Pine Lake, but that was still going to be two days away.

Since the change in plans, I would be playing it by ear tomorrow. At this point, my main goal was to have enough battery power to get some pics at Upper Pine Lake.

I put the camera away for the night. When the sun went down, the wind quieted and I was able to sit outside and watch the stars. I’m almost glad the moon was too bright to allow for any night shots on this trip.

I fell asleep wondering  what tomorrow would bring.


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13 thoughts on “Eastern Sierra: Pt 6

  1. I love reading about this trip. Did I tell you I literally cringed when I read about your camera falling lens first on the granite rock a few posts back? So glad it suffered little damage and you were still able to share these great photos!

    • Oh, believe me…I cringed too!! lol
      I’m still not sure what I would have done if I had broken the lens…

      I’m so glad that you and others are enjoying this. It still blows me away that people even found this blog, let alone are following it!

      Every day of this trip held a new adventure and I’m finding it’s almost as fun to write about it as it was being there… almost. 😉

      Usually, I just return with pictures, and share the stories around a coffee table or the water cooler. I haven’t ever really documented or journaled any of the trips.

      Thanks for the inspiration to continue and thanks even more for for letting me know what you think!

      Happy Trails!

      • It’s a great blog! I’m not surprised at all! Looking forward to reading more. You’ve almost convinced me to backpack, but I’ll need a lot of practice in familiar territory first. REI has a intro to backpacking class next week and I signed up my whole family. It’s overwhelming thinking about everything there is to learn about it, but exciting at the same time. Thank you for sharing your experiences! It’s inspiring!

    • Thanks Leona!

      Glad you’re enjoying and thanks for stopping by.
      Hope you’re doing well and please tell everyone I said hi!

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  3. I wish there was an option to like people’s comments…Cause all ldsiebs has been saying I’ve agreed with and wanted to like (if the option was there). The stories are brilliantly accompanying the scenery Joze… Thanks again for sharing!! 😀

    • I like ldsiebs comments too! 😀
      She was one of the first people to find and comment on things and has been very supportive of the blog.
      I haven’t been at this for very long and I’m thankful that people are finding it and enjoying themselves.
      Thanks for stopping by, and happy to be able to share! 🙂

  4. god! I love rocks and pictures of them.
    thanks for the vicarious hiking
    hope after I am done child rearing and running down the career track I can get back out there
    thanks for the inspiration!

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