John Muir Stuff

John Muir Stuff

I’ve been collecting stories and quotes from John Muir for a few years now, and have added a section to the blog where people can go to read a few of his short stories and learn a little more about him if they are interested.

I’ll be adding more John Muir stories to this section, as time allows.

This collection is in no way extensive or complete… and it’s not exclusive content that can’t be found elsewhere – it’s just a little info and a few of my favorite stories by John Muir, that will hopefully help to introduce him to those that don’t already know him.

Here’s a link to the first of the new pages:

Watch for new additions in the future –

Hope you enjoy!

9 thoughts on “John Muir Stuff

    • Thank you Rachael!
      The Earthquake is my favorite story by John Muir.

      I’ll be posting another, shortly, called, Windstorm in the Forest. (In this one, JM ties himself to the top of a tall pine in a wind storm…to see how strong the wind really is. lol)

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