Golden Sunset

Hello everyone!

It’s been a busy few months at work and I have to admit, my motivation to get outside hasn’t been rising to the occasion as of late.

But autopilot guy saved the day!

Yesterday, I had a day off and knew I should do something outside, but as I stated above, the motivation was just lacking. I did however, go outside to get the mail and when I did, I noticed that the sky was shaping up for what could be a pretty cool sunset.  The seed was planted.

My intention was… to get the camera and stand outside my front door and shoot the sunset…again…motivation.

As I was getting ready to do this, I found I had keys and wallet in hand, and camera bag packed…to shoot outside my front door.

Before I was able to manufacture an excuse as to why I didn’t want to go anywhere, I was already there.

I parked the truck at Loveland Reservoir and started up a trail, looking for a good place to set up the tripod. There was just a little breeze, and it wasn’t constant, so the grass and brush wasn’t blowing around too much.

I set up in a patch that offered some white flowers and nice color in the grass and scrub, looking out to the west, into the mountains.

The tripod was set up about 1/3 extended to be sure to get the scenery in the foreground. The sun was still above the horizon when I got set up and I had a polarizing filter on, but took it off before I started shooting, and glad I did too. I use a Nikon camera, and the native ISO is 200, but I have been having much better results shooting at ISO 100 with the tripod. To get a decent depth of field, I used an f16 setting, and the light meter to determine the best exposure time.

This shot was taken just before the golds in the sunset started to pass into reds, and is my favorite of the bunch.

Hope you enjoy!


10 thoughts on “Golden Sunset

    • Doh! that’s no good!

      Please try again, and if you still don’t see the pic, try refreshing this page to reload the cookies.

      If you’re still having problems seeing the pic, let me know and we can see if we can come up with an alternate viewing method. 🙂

      Thanks for letting me know and I hope you’re doing awesome!

    • Thanks! I can live with beautiful.

      …I guess, Awesome, would be catching a pic of you sky-diving through one of these shots! 😉

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