Sunset – Sunrise Collection – Slideshow

Hello everyone!

There have been so many great sunsets and sunrises recently!

I was going through my collection, trying to find another one to share, but there are just too many to single one out. So I decided to make a slide show of them.

I uploaded the slideshow to my Face Book page, since I haven’t upgraded to the video blog…

Some of the shots have been posted before and some haven’t.

The video is here

The music for the slideshow was done by me and my friend Hunter Novak.
I showed up at Hunter’s house one day with a new song and a guitar – he had a piano and some cool samples, and that’s what we came up with.

Hope you enjoy!

Please help me get the word…or…the pictures out!
Like the page while you’re over there!

Thanks again!

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7 thoughts on “Sunset – Sunrise Collection – Slideshow

      • Hey Joe! Thanks, yes I did read that one. Definitely has some good tips that I’m gonna bookmark. But I was also looking for some recipes for meals to dehydrate myself before the trip. Tryin out something new! :)

      • My sister got me a book a few years ago, and it’s been pretty helpful. Some of the recipes are pretty good too…but the biggest thing i took away from the book was that you can dehydrate just about anything with a dehydrator and a little wax paper! :)

        As I get closer to some trips, I’ll make a little extra for dinner and dehydrate a meal portion. This works with your favorite pasta and meat sauces, stew, chicken and rice….you can dehydrate just about anything. Keep in mind, there will always be some moisture, so it’s not going to keep as long as freeze dried, but vacuum sealed, you should be good for a trip.

        This will also be heavier than freeze dried.

        I would also recommend reconstituting a couple of meals at home, so you know how much water to add in the field… That helps make everything a little more, plug-and-play once you get out there.

        The book is called, Trail Food: Drying and Cooking Food for Backpacking and Paddling and here’s the link:

        I think they have it for Kindle, too.

        Hope this helps!

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