Yosemite 2009

Well, my Mom was coming to visit, and we had already done all of the standard San Diego tourist stuff, so I decided to take her up to Yosemite this time around.

We left San Diego about 8pm and arrived in Mammoth Lakes about 2am. (still enough time for a semi-early start)

The next morning, we went into Yosemite from Tioga Pass, stopping at places like Tanaya Lake and Olmsted Point on the way in.

It was from Olmsted Point that we got our fist view of Half Dome. The way the light was hitting, it made it look almost black and white, so that’s how I decided to process this one:

B/W; 1/250 sec exp; f/10; ISO 110; 55mm; Nikon D80

We got down to the valley, parked and walked around the Cook’s Meadow area. We could hear and see Upper Yosemite fall; it was a nice day and the colors were great.

1/250 sec exp; f/10; ISO 200; 55mm; Nikon D80

As we walked along a path through the meadow, we ran into this guy:

1/60 sec exp; f/7; ISO 200; 55mm; Nikon D80

On the way back to the truck, snapped this one of Half Dome:

1/200 sec exp; f/10; ISO 200; 35mm; Nikon D80

As we were pulling away, I looked out the window and saw this next shot. This turned out to be one of my favorite of this trip…taken from a moving vehicle, being steered by my knee…

1/250 sec exp; f/10; ISO 200; 24mm; Nikon D80

After that, we set off to get the standard Yosemite Tunnel View shots:

1/250 sec exp; f/10; ISO 200; 300mm; Nikon D80

1/200 sec exp; f/10; ISO 200; 40mm; Nikon D80

1/60 sec exp; f/9; ISO 200; 55mm; Nikon D80

Okay…so we’ve all seen them before… but to be there, they really do take your breath away!

This turned out to be a great trip and a great time spent with Mom!

Yosemite beats Sea World or the Zoo any day!

13 thoughts on “Yosemite 2009

  1. Awesome photos! My family and I share a love for the outdoors as well as an aversion to over planning. Without reservations, is there any chance of enjoying Yosemite? Are there places to camp outside the park that are less crazy? Also, we would be flattered if you checked out our outdoor focused blog.

    • Hi and thank you for stopping in!

      Yosemite all depends on you and your family’s comfort level in the dirt…

      There’s always going to be people there, and to get a room inside Yosemite does take some planning and reservations, but if you guys are okay with being outside, then have at it!

      I inquired about campsites the first time I was there and was told they were full… but then the ranger just looked at me and said, if you’re not worried about amenities… You are in a national forest… lol

      He suggested trying to find something up off of the Glacier Point Rd and that’s what I did.
      The camping permits are free and I just parked on the side of the road, hiked in about a quarter to half mile and set up camp…alone. 🙂

      Glacier Point is a little higher in elevation, so most likely, it will be cold at night. As long as you have provisions, you should be fine.

      Thanks again for stopping in and I will definitely be checking your blog this evening!

      Peace and good luck!

      • Thank you so much for the reply. We usually take a four week or longer road trip each summer (I work in the schools) and camp over half of the time. Save a lot of money and meet a lot of people. Also eat and feel better (how much diner food can anyone person eat). Saw your post about the Sierras and was more than a little jealous. I wish we had the confidence to backpack that far into the woods.

  2. Wow! They are all beautiful, but the one taken in the moving car with your knee on the steering wheel…unbelievable! Definitely my favorite as well. You could sell that one as a print. I would buy it!

  3. I want to go there so bad! You got some great pics. I can’t believe I grew up only hours away and I’ve never been… what are some fun things to do in SD? I want to start getting out more.

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